Terms & Conditions

The below terms and conditions apply to Kairali flights

General Information
While compiling this information, Kairali has endeavored to ensure that all information is correct. However, no guarantee or representation is made to the accuracy or completeness of the information contained here. This information is subject to changes by Kairali without notice.

Non-Smoking Flights

The Government of India prohibits smoking on all Kairali flights. As a separate precautionary measure, all toilets are fitted with smoke detectors.

We suggest that you make your reservations as far in advance as possible through any Kairali office or approved Travel Agent. You can also book pay and purchase your eTicket using our online booking facility. The Kairali reservation system incorporates sophisticated, state-of-the-art technology. We kindly request you to supply a contact number during reservation for each city in your itinerary. This will enable us to inform you of any irregularity with a flight on which you are booked.

Reservation Requirements

  • Reservations are not confirmed until recorded as accepted by Carrier or its authorised Agent.
  • As provided in carrier‘s Regulations, certain fares may have conditions, which limit or exclude the guest‘s right to change or cancel reservations.

Ticketing / Fares and Time Limit

All basic fares for domestic routes are quoted before taxes, Airline Fuel Charges, and fees. In addition to the basic fare, we are required by the Government to charge and collect group Service Fee (WO) as applicable in case of INR fares for domestic sectors. This is applicable for each flight coupon. This fare (WO) is collected along with the basic fare at the time of issuance of the ticket.

Please note that fares are subject to change without notice. If you have purchased a ticket and subsequently the fares have increased then you will not be required to pay the difference unless you decide to change your travel dates which requires reissuance of the ticket. In such cases the same ticket will be repriced at the applicable fare at the time of making changes.

Please do note the following:

  • Please check your ticket after it is issued, for its correctness.
  • Please also read the terms and conditions of carriage printed on the ticket jacket

Unless otherwise specified, the period of validity of domestic tickets issued at normal one way, round or circle trip fares shall be one year from date of commencement of travel, or if the first flight coupon is open dated and or / unused, from the date of issue thereof. You can change your travel itinerary after you have purchased your ticket through our offices or through an authorized travel agent. In case you do, please get your ticket appropriately stickered or revalidated at any of our offices, airport ticket counters, or by an authorized travel agency. Please do note the following with regard to the cancellation, and revalidation of tickets, purchased under Normal fares.

For sectors within India:

  • Any change to a confirmed ticket issued on INR fare – including  postponement, change of itinerary – must be done at least 12 hours  before a flight departure. When a ticket is reissued from a higher to a lower fare, a re-issuance charge is levied, irrespective of whether there is any change in sector. Only one postponement, change of itinerary is allowed and will be subject to availability
  • Refunds will be processed subject to refund penalties as per fare rules and will be paid as per the original currency of payment, country of payment and form of payment. Refunds are subject to refund penalties as per the Fare Rules. We will refund the value of tickets purchased by you from our offices or airport ticketing counters directly to you:
    • If the ticket has been paid for in cash, we will refund the amount in cash; and
    • If the ticket has been paid for by credit card, the proceeds will be credited to the respective credit cards
    • If the ticket has been paid for by debit card, the proceeds will be directly credited to the respective bank account
  • The refund of a ticket issued by a Travel Agent, must be processed through the issuing Travel Agent
  • In case you are holding an e-ticket and wish to cancel, postpone or change your itinerary, you are required to report to our ticketing counters for the same. Guests can enjoy the facility of cancelling or changing their e-tickets online, through the Manage Booking facility
  • Please note that certain fares may have conditions which limit or exclude your right to get a refund. For complete details, please refer to the terms and conditions of that special fare or contact your nearest Kairali ticketing office or 24 hours reservation centre or your travel agent