Refund & Cancellations

Refund Policy for travel within India 

We reserve the right to make a refund only to the person named in the ticket or to the person who originally paid for the ticket, and to refuse a refund if any application for such refund is made later than 365 days after the expiry date of the ticket.

Tickets issued on

  • Bookings made on can be cancelled and refunded either on Manage Booking or by sending an email request of the same to
  • The cancel and refund feature is available for all valid bookings up to 24 hour prior to flight departure for Domestic flights.

Flight cancellation policy

1. Before 10 days of flight departure, cancellation charges will be 50%.

2. Between 10 days and 72 hrs of flight departure, cancellation charges will be 75%.

3. Before 24 hrs of flight departure, cancellation charges will be 100%.

  • The cancellation feature is unavailable for bookings, whose status is either checked-in, used or refunded.
  • Once the refund request is generated, the same will be processed within 07 working days.
  • Should there be any cancellation / refund fees, the system will deduct the relevant amount and the balance will be refunded to the same form of payment used to purchase the original itinerary.
  • Refund amount for tickets purchased online on and reissued at a Kairali ticketing office shall be returned to the guest at the Kairali ticketing office only. Refund request for such tickets will not be processed online or at the Call Centre.
  • For any further information or assistance, please write to us at

Rerouting / Refund / Waiver in case of death:
The following procedures will apply when a passenger dies or is prevented from initiating or continuing or terminating travel by reason of death in the immediate family.
Immediate family: Shall be limited to spouse, children and parents.
Death Certificate: Means a death certificate or copy thereof duly executed by the competent authorities, i.e., those designated to issue death certificates by the applicable laws of the country concerned, in the country in which death occurred. The death certificate or copy thereof shall remain on the member’s files for a period of not less than two years.
Before commencement of travel: In case of death of a passenger or death in the immediate family before commencement of travel, refund / date change will be permitted without any additional charges / penalties.

After commencement of travel:

Death of a passenger

  • In case of death of a passenger refund may be arranged.
  • Accompanying passengers may terminate travel or interrupt travel until completion of formalities and religious customs, if any, but in no event later than forty-five (45) days after the travel is interrupted. The ticket of returning passengers will be endorsed “Return Account Death (name)” and such endorsement shall be authenticated by validation or other official stamp. Refund may be arranged.
  • In case the passenger and/or family members travelling with the passenger are holding restricted fare tickets the terms and conditions of such restricted fare may be waived. This applies only to passengers that have already purchased tickets and have intent to travel. Passengers wishing to attend a religious ceremony who have not yet purchased a ticket must purchase the tickets and comply with any restrictions applicable to the new fare.
  • A death certificate must be presented to Kairali either at the place and time of reticketing, or in the country where death occurred. In the latter case details shall be transmitted to the reticketing office before reticketing.

Should a death certificate not be available at the time of rerouting, a new ticket shall be issued at the normal OW applicable to the journey to be undertaken. Upon the later presentation of the certificate, refund may be arranged.
Death in the immediate family: A group fare passenger or an individual passenger travelling at a fare with re-routing/change of reservation restrictions may return to the place of origin shown in this ticket, without stopovers en route, at the same fare on the next available flight, or if death occurred at the point at which travel is interrupted immediately after completion of formalities and religious customs, if any, but in no event later than forty-five (45) days after the travel is interrupted. The ticket will be endorsed “Return Account Death (name)” and such endorsement shall be authenticated by validation or other official stamp. Refund may be arranged. 
Group Travel:
 In the event a passenger(s) is discontinuing travel with the group in accordance with the above, this shall not affect the entitlement to travel at the group fare of the remaining passengers in the group.
Waiver due to illness: No waiver.
Refund in case of waiver due to death will be the ½ RT fare irrespective of the fare conditions and balance amount will be refunded.
Death Certificate not available: Where a death certificate is not available and a passenger is holding a restricted fare for which changes would not be allowed under normal circumstances, if the carrier is unable to verify that the conditions of the fare can be waived then a one way ticket may be sold. When the death certificate becomes available, the one way ticket purchase may be refunded retroactively upon submission of the original coupon(s). The passenger must send Kairali all required details and ticket jacket of the new ticket to be attached.

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