Validity-Membership Tiers



The Programme comprises Kairali Purple, Kairali Silver, Kairali Gold, and Kairali Platinum.
2 The Kairali Purple is the entry level to the Kairali Miles Programme. Entitlement to, Kairali Silver, Kairali Gold, Kairali Platinum Tiers depends on the applicable limit of Sector Points or the Status Miles earned by Members within a Membership Year (refer to for the updated tier qualifying criteria).
3 A Kairali Platinum Member can upgrade one companion Member to Kairali Gold tier during a Membership Term. The companion Member‘s Tier validity will be linked to the Kairali Platinum Tier validity.
4 A Platinum member cannot link 2 members as a companion during a single membership term. To clarify, it is mandatory that Platinum member must delink the existing companion member during the current membership term (before the tier expiry date) in case he wants to add a new companion in his next membership term. The Platinum member can then add the new companion only in the following (fresh) membership term.
5 Upon delinking, the erstwhile companion member’s tier status will be determined as per DSR (actual flight activity).
6 Under the Daily Status Review system, review of member activity for upgrades is done on a daily basis. Review of member activity for retention is done at the end of the tier validity.
7 A Member who has not completed the required minimum level of activity in terms of Sector Points and/or Status Miles to retain the tier status or Membership in Kairali Miles would be downgraded or inactivated depending on the tier level, without any requirement of Kairali Airlines giving prior notice to such Member.
8 Kairali Airlines may, from time to time, change the number of Sector Points operated by Kairali Airlines, the Status Miles needed to qualify for each tier or the Kairali Miles accrued by  travel on any Sector, without any requirement of giving prior notice to the Member. Tier benefits are as published online and subject to change from time to time.