In these Terms and Conditions, unless the context otherwise requires, the following terms shall have the same meaning as set out hereinafter: 

1 “Applicant” refers to any individual who fills in and mails the Kairali Miles Enrolment Form to Kairali Miles Member Assistance or enrols in the Kairali Miles Programme on the Kairali Airlines website (
2 “Bonus Kairali Miles” means the miles awarded by Kairali Airlines over and above the Kairali Miles. Such Bonus Kairali Airlines Miles are awarded at the sole discretion of Kairali Airlines.
3 “Data” means information personal to a Member, including but not limited to, name, address, telephone number, date of birth, employer, seat/meal preference, class of travel flown by the Member, Kairali Miles accumulated, contacts with Kairali Airlines, any information received from Programme Partners as a result of using services provided by the Programme Partners and other travel data.
4 “Eligible Fare” means fares that are eligible for accrual of Kairali Miles.
5 “Fraud” means fraud, dishonesty, and deceit, and includes the following.
   a Knowingly supplying incorrect information at any time to accrue, Kairali Miles
   b Attempting to accrue Kairali Miles for sectors that have not been flown or are not eligible for Kairali Miles
   c Altering any documents to procure Kairali Miles.
   d Attempting to accrue Kairali Miles for sectors flown by any person other than the Member
   e Using or attempting to use stolen or counterfeit tickets on Kairali Airlines or Partner Airlines
   f Attempting to accrue Kairali Miles more than once for the same sector
   g Selling, exchanging and/or purchasing Kairali Miles or Kairali Rewards, including attempting to sell or transfer Kairali Miles or Kairali Rewards by means of Internet-based sales or auctions
   h Knowingly benefiting from the Fraud or misconduct of another Member or individual
6 “Frequent Flyer Programme” means the programme initiated by Kairali Airlines Limited, to reward individuals who join Kairali Miles Programme as Members (“Kairali Miles Members”) and upon complying with the requirements of the Kairali Miles Programme become eligible to earn and redeem Partner Kairali Miles/Kairali Miles.
7 “Guest” means a passenger or customer of Kairali Airlines and/or Programme Partners.
8 “Kairali Miles” or “Kairali Miles Programme” means the frequent flyer programme of Kairali Airlines offering benefits, facilities or arrangements to Members on account of and in terms of their Membership with Kairali Miles.
9 “Kairali Miles Card” or “Membership Card” means the membership card for Kairali Miles Programme issued by Kairali Airlines to a Member.
10 Kairali Miles Membership account means the account in which a Kairali Miles member can earn and redeem Kairali Miles.
11 “Kairali Miles” means the miles accrued to a Member‘s Kairali Miles Account and appearing on the statement issued by Kairali Airlines for Flying Kairali Airlines qualifying flights.
12 “Kairali Rewards” means any tickets, rewards or benefits that are issued against redemption of Kairali Miles.
13 “Member” means a Guest enrolled as a Member of Kairali Miles.
14 “Membership” means membership of the Kairali Miles Programme.
15 “Membership Tier” refers to the tier level in Kairali Miles designated to a Member based on Qualifying Flights or Status Miles earned in each Membership Year.
16 “Tier Validity means the number of months for which the tier is valid from the month of qualification. The Kairali Miles Mileage Statement is a statement of Membership Account which reflects the transactions of a Kairali Miles member on Kairali Airlines and Programme Partners.
17 “Partner Airlines” means Airlines that are partners to the Kairali Miles programme.
18 “Partner Kairali Miles” means the miles accumulated by Members into the Kairali Miles Membership Account for using specified services of Programme Partners and appearing on the statement issued by Kairali Airlines.
19 “Processing” includes obtaining, using, examining, verifying and/or recording and holding in any electronic or any other form.
20 “Programme Partner” means any airline, company or organisation designated as a Programme Partner by Kairali Airlines. Qualifying Charges means the charges or transactions undertaken by a member of a Programme Partner that qualifies for earning of Partner Kairali Miles.
21 “Promotional Bonus” means Bonus Kairali Miles credited to a Member‘s Kairali Miles Account qualifying on promotions run by Kairali Miles.
22 “Qualifying Flight” or “Valid Flight” means a flight operated by Kairali Airlines and flown by the Guest upon the purchase of a paid ticket on a fare level that is eligible for earning Kairali Miles.
23 “Sector” means a single direct flight eligible for accrual of Kairali Miles.
24 “Sector points” means points earned for a qualifying flight activity on Kairali Airlines or Programme Partner.
25 “Status Miles” means the Kairali Miles accumulated by Members in their Kairali Miles Membership account for flying on Kairali Airlines and appearing on the statement issued by Kairali Airline. These Status Miles determine Membership and tier status and do not include any bonus/promotional bonuses and Partner Kairali Miles.