Delayed/Missed/Damaged Baggage

In a situation of misrouted baggage, we will make every effort to locate and deliver your baggage to you as soon as possible. When misrouted baggage is tracked we attempt to deliver it at our expense at the time convenient to guests.

In the course of normal handling, your luggage may show evidence of use such as scratches, minor cuts, dents, and soil. Like most major airlines, we don‘t accept liability for conditions that result from normal wear and tear and/or damage to checked luggage such as:

  1.Broken wheels or feet
  2.Loss of external locks, pull straps and security straps
  3.Damage resulting from over packing
  4.Damage to retractable luggage handles
  5.Fragile or perishable items damaged during transport
  6.Items unsuitably packed or unsuitable for transportation