Terms And Conditions

1.  Bonus Kairali Miles are applicable for bookings completed and paid online at www.kairaliairlines.com. Bonus Kairali       Miles are not valid on award tickets or where payment is made offline.

2. To ensure that you receive your bonus Kairali Miles, please provide your membership number when booking on www.kairaliairlines.com

3. If the booking includes membership numbers for two or more passengers, then the bonus Kairali Miles will be credited to the membership accounts of all passengers provided they are Kairali Miles main members and have advised their membership numbers at the time of booking.

4. Family members are not eligible for online booking bonus Kairali Miles.

5. Membership numbers must be provided at the time of booking to entitle you to bonus Kairali Miles.

6. Bonus Kairali Miles will be credited to your account upon the completion of your flight.