Reporting Of Mileage Credit

Reporting of Mileage Credit and other Kairali Miles Account information



Mileage Statements are sent monthly to Members via e-mail to the e-mail ID registered under the Member‘s Kairali Miles Account.
2 Members are advised to retain their original ticket jackets and boarding passes till mileage credit appears on their Mileage Statement and report any omissions in their Kairali Miles Account to Kairali Miles Member Assistance via mail, e-mail, fax or online at
3 All mileage discrepancies must be reported to Kairali Miles Member Assistance within 90 days of completion of the activity.
4 Kairali Miles Account Statements are also available online on the website To access the Membership Account Statement online, the Member must register with and login to Kairali Airline’s website with his/her user identity and password.
5 Upon request and at a possible additional cost to the Member, printed statements are also available. The cost of printed statements is listed in the Program Guide and may change from time to time.
6 Kairali Airline is not responsible for the non-delivery of ‘incoming‘ correspondence. Verbal communication for mileage credit discrepancies is not accepted.
7 Altered or illegible documents will not be accepted for the purpose of crediting / debiting of Kairali Miles as the case may be.

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Remember to quote your Kairali Miles membership number at the time of reservation to ensure that your bonus Kairali miles are automatically credited to your membership account.