Transfer Of Kairali Miles


Kairali Miles are transferable to other members of Kairali Miles Programme. Transfer fees are applicable. Transfer can only be allowed from member‘s account with a minimum current balance of 1000 miles.
2 Only Kairali Miles can be transferred from one member to the other under this option. Status Miles cannot be transferred.
3 Transfer of miles is not permitted for accounts tagged as family heads.
4 A transfer fee will be imposed for mileage transfer, payable in cash.  In cash, the transfer fee is Rs 0.5 for every Kairali Miles transferred online and Rs 0.75 for every Kairali Miles transferred offline.
5 The number of miles can be transferred in any amount above 1000 miles with a maximum transfer of 10,000 miles in one transaction per week and 50000 in one year.
6 Transfer of miles does not mean that they have an extended life, the shelf life of the mile stays that way.
7 At no time may Kairali Miles be credited to, or Kairali Miles Rewards be purchased by, or sold to, or otherwise transferred to any person other than the Member. Any such Kairali Miles or Kairali Miles Rewards are void if transferred for cash or other consideration. Any person who commits such acts is liable for damages, litigation and related costs to Kairali Airlines who reserves the right to terminate the Membership of such persons. Kairali Miles can, however, be redeemed for Kairali Miles Rewards tickets for the member, or his family and friends or any person whose name is mentioned on the Kairali Miles Rewards redemption form, duly signed/authorised by the Member.
8 Use of Kairali Rewards that have been acquired by purchase or for any other consideration may result in the Kairali Rewards being confiscated. In such cases if a trip has already commenced, the remaining portion of the travel will not be eligible for the benefit of Kairali Reward and such travel will be at the Guest‘s expense on a full-fare basis.
9 Kairali Rewards will be issued to any name requested prior to ticketing, and emailed to the email ID provided by the Member as recorded in Kairali Miles Account. The ticket issued under Kairali Rewards could also be handed over to the Member at the nearest Kairali Airlines ticketing office. The Member will need to produce a copy of the Kairali Reward Request Form and present his/her Kairali Miles Membership Card and sufficient proof of identification. In case the Member is not able to receive the Kairali Rewards ticket in person, he / she should authorize someone in writing to collect the Kairali Rewards ticket on his / her behalf. The person collecting the ticket will also have to carry along the Kairali Reward request form and a valid photo ID.