Change / Termination Of The Programme


All transactions/activities in the Kairali Miles Programme are subject to the Terms and Conditions, any other applicable rules and regulations of Kairali Airlines governing such activity and are further subject to all applicable laws and regulations.2These Terms and Conditions may be changed by Kairali Airlines from time to time in its absolute discretion and without any requirement of prior notice to the Members. Participation in the Kairali Miles Programme is subject to the Terms and Conditions and a Member shall be deemed to have accepted the Terms and Conditions as amended from time to time.3Kairali Airlines may in its discretion at any time, without giving notice, change or modify the Kairali Miles Reward structure by revising the Kairali Miles levels required to attain a particular Kairali Miles Rewards ticket, stipulate a specified period during which Kairali Miles cannot be redeemed, limit the number of seats available for the redemption of Kairali Miles to any or all destinations or on certain specified flights: alter the number or types of journeys required to obtain a particular Kairali Miles Rewards; change or withdraw Programme Partners affiliations, change the parties from which a Kairali Miles Rewards ticket may be obtained/redeemed, change the length of time after being rewarded within which Kairali Miles must be redeemed, impose a time limit upon validity for redemption of any Kairali Miles issued by Kairali Airlines, introduce and/or review Membership fees, any special offers, and modify and change the procedures and rules relating to ticketing on redemption of Kairali Miles, as well as any benefits provided in connection with the Kairali Miles Programme and any special offers or promotional offers made to any tier or group of Members or any other aspect of the Kairali Miles Programme.4Kairali Airlines may in its discretion at any time, without giving notice, change the Kairali Miles Programme rules, regulations, Kairali Miles Rewards, mileage reward levels and special offers at any time without notice. This means that Kairali Airlines may initiate changes, for instance, impacting Partner affiliations, rules for earning Kairali Miles credit, rules for redemption of Kairali Miles Rewards against Kairali Miles, continued availability of Kairali Miles Rewards, blackout dates or limit the seats available for Kairali Miles Rewards travel to any or all destinations including but not limited to allocating no Kairali Miles Rewards seats on certain flights.5

Kairali Airlines may terminate the Kairali Miles Programme (in its entirety or part) at any time but will use its reasonable endeavours to give at least three months notice to Members. At the end of the period of notice, the Member‘s right to use the services or receive any benefits under or pursuant to the Kairali Miles Programme, including without limitation, the earning and redemption of Kairali Miles, will cease.