Audit & Disqualification


Kairali Airlines reserves the right to audit the Member‘s Kairali Miles Account at any time, without notice to the Member, to ensure compliance with the Terms and Conditions of the Kairali Miles Programme, Kairali Airline’s Conditions of Carriage (which apply to all Guests) and applicable governmental regulations.
2 Kairali Airline’s Conditions of Carriage include a prohibition against actions involving fictitious multiple bookings. In the event that the audit reveals discrepancies or violations or fraud, the processing or Kairali Miles Reward and mileage summaries may be delayed or suspended until such discrepancies, violations or Fraud are resolved.
3 The Membership Account of any Member breaching or violating the Terms and Conditions may be frozen (e.g. Kairali Miles may not be redeemed from a withheld Kairali Miles Account).
4 Kairali Airlines may impose charges on such Members by deducting Kairali Miles from their respective Kairali Miles Accounts.
5 Kairali Airlines also reserves the right to disqualify any Member from further participation in the Kairali Miles Programme if in Kairali Airline’s sole judgment, such Member has breached the Terms and Conditions or violated the conditions of carriage or any of the rules described herein.
6 Data in physical form will be retained by Kairali Airlines up to a maximum of 60 days after which Kairali Airlines may, at its option, preserve an electronic copy of the same.