Refer & Win Miles


A Kairali Miles account may not have more than 10 live referee connections at any one time. A referee connection is considered live when a Refer and Win miles connection exists, and the referral reward cut-off date has not lapsed. Once a referral reward cut-off date has been reached, the relevant reward will be awarded, and connection will no longer be deemed live.2The referral reward cut-off date will be 6 months from the referee enrolment date, this means that 6 months from the enrolment date of the referee, the loyalty system will review the relevant criteria and determine the relevant reward to dispense.3Both referrer and referee will be awarded based on the criteria. The relevant rewards are as per table below:

Tier Reward for Referrer Reward for Referee
Kairali Purple 300 Kairali Miles 150 Kairali Miles
Kairali Silver 500 Kairali Miles 250 Kairali Miles
Kairali Gold 750 Kairali Miles 375 Kairali Miles
Kairali Platinum 1000 Kairali Miles 500 Kairali Miles

4Only direct enrolments (enrolment through website, enrolment forms) will be considered for Refer and Win miles scheme. Enrolment via any other partner (Co-brand credit cards/Hotel etc) will not be eligible for member get member promotion.5

The bonus of providing the correct Membership for tagging resides with the member only. Kairali Miles will not be responsible for any issues arising because of incomplete/incorrect information provided by the member.