Earning miles & Mileage Calculation


Kairali Miles earned by members in Kairali Purple, Kairali Silver and Kairali Gold tiers are valid up to 24 months from the month of earning. Kairali Platinum members Kairali Miles do not expire till the member holds the tier.
2 If, Kairali Purple, Kairali Silver or Kairali Gold member transfers to a Kairali Platinum member, the miles once transferred to the Kairali Platinum member account, will not expire. Conversely, if Kairali Purple member transfers to a Kairali Silver or Kairali Gold member, the miles once, transferred will have a fresh 24 month expiry date from the month of transfer.
3 Upon Kairali Platinum member being downgraded to Kairali Silver or Kairali Gold tier, existing miles in the account are reset to 24 month expiry from date of downgrade.
4 Kairali Miles expiring in the next 3 months (including current month), can be extended for an additional 6 months (from the month of original expiry) at a cost of Rs 0.35 per Kairali Mile (in blocks of 1000 Kairali Miles) extended online, and Rs 0.45 per Kairali Mile (in blocks of 1000 Kairali Miles) extended offline. The minimum number of Kairali Miles that can be extended in 1 transaction is 1000.
5 Miles once extended, are not eligible for re-extension.
6 Kairali Miles can be accumulated only once per Valid Flight per Member, regardless of the number of seats purchased by the Member on any flight. Kairali Miles will be credited only to a Member who has actually travelled on a flight, in a qualifying Sector, and not on travel by any third party, even if the Member has paid for the ticket of such third party.
7 The following category of tickets/travel do not entail accrual of Kairali Miles :
    Travel on complimentary tickets
    Refunded, forfeited and unused tickets, including non-refundable tickets
    Airline employees, travel agents, tour conductors and/or any other persons travelling on non-revenue tickets or travel industry/cargo customer discount fares
    Free tickets of any kind, including Kairali Miles Rewards tickets issued under the Kairali Miles Programme
8 For connecting flights on Kairali Airlines network or the network of the Programme Partner, Partner Kairali Miles/Kairali Miles will be credited as the total of the separate Sectors of the trip. However, on direct or through flights with one or more intermediate stops, Kairali Miles will be determined from the place of origin to the final destination of travel.
9 Kairali Miles will accrue only for travel on Sectors flown on a Qualifying Flight as on Eligible Fare. The Member must travel on an eligible fare to qualify for, Kairali Miles.
10 To ensure credit of Kairali Miles, the Member must make all his/her bookings in the same name as printed on the Kairali Miles Membership Card, or where the Membership Card has not been issued, in the name mentioned in the Kairali Miles Enrolment Form.
11 To earn Kairali Miles, the Member must quote the Kairali Miles Membership Account Number at the time of making the booking and also present the Kairali Miles Membership card at the time of check in.
12 Failure to give complete/correct information may result in the rejection of Kairali Miles/Partner Kairali Miles due for that activity not being credited to the Member‘s Kairali Miles Account and the Member not receiving certain service benefits.
13 If a Member gets involuntarily re-routed by Kairali Airlines on another carrier for reasons within Kairali Airlines reasonable control, and the original Kairali Airlines flight on which the Member was booked would have qualified for Kairali Miles, the Member may request for credit by sending the booking details, i.e. PNR No. and date of travel along with the original boarding pass and ticket of the airline on which the travel has been endorsed, to Kairali Miles Member Assistance. Kairali Miles would be credited on confirmation of the above.
14 Kairali Miles will not accrue on flights cancelled or re-routed due to any reason beyond the reasonable control of Kairali Airlines or the Programme Partner, including without limitation, weather delays.
15 The responsibility to check that Kairali Miles and activities have been properly credited lies with the Member. This can be checked online at www.kairaliairlines.com.
16 All activities that are not tracked automatically at the time of travel may be credited later at the discretion of Kairali Airlines. New Enrolees and existing Members can claim retro credit for Kairali Airlines flights taken in the past 90 days from the current date. These can be claimed online through the Claim Missing Miles‘ page on www.kairaliairlines.com. For security reasons, Members will have to log on to their Kairali Miles Account to access this feature.
17 In case of dispute about entitlement to credit Kairali Miles, Kairali Airlines may require proof of travel on the relevant sector including the retained segment of the boarding pass and Guests receipts for the Sector claimed to have been flown. If a Member purchases an extra seat for self on a particular flight, Kairali Miles will only be awarded for the primary booking. No Kairali Miles will be credited for the extra seat.
18 Members are advised to retain relevant boarding passes till the Kairali Miles accrued appear on their monthly e-statement that has been sent to the email ID registered in the Kairali Miles Members Account. Members shall immediately and in any case within 90 days from the date of travel, report any omissions or errors in their Kairali Miles Account to Kairali Miles Member Assistance via email, fax or online at support@kairaliairlines.com.
19 Members earn Partner Kairali Miles for Qualifying Charges in respect of travel undertaken on a flight operated by a Programme Partner. It shall be the responsibility of the Member to check whether travel undertaken on a flight operated by a Programme Partner would be eligible for Partner Kairali Miles.
20 Kairali Miles will be earned by the Member only if he boards and the flight is successfully completed.
21 An individual enrolling into the Kairali Miles Programme may claim mileage for eligible flights taken up to 90 days prior to the date of Enrolment into Kairali Miles by providing boarding cards or such other acceptable evidence of travel to Kairali Miles Member Assistance at the time of Enrolment to the Kairali Miles Programme.
22 The Kairali Miles for a Valid Flight on Kairali Airlines or a Programme Partner shall be based on the Kairali Miles chart, which shall be prepared by Kairali Airlines.
23 In case of any promotion, entailing Bonus Kairali Miles, the Member will be required to quote the specific promotion or campaign code (which shall be communicated to the Members) in order to become eligible to earn the Bonus Kairali Miles.
24 Kairali Airlines is not responsible for non receipt of any communication addressed to Kairali Miles Member Assistance by any Member.
25 Altered, mutilated or illegible documents will not qualify for credit of Kairali Miles/Partner Kairali Miles.
26 Sale, purchase or exchange of Kairali Miles is not permitted and will be considered a breach of these Terms and Conditions, except for redemption of Kairali Miles for travel on Kairali Airlines.
27 Kairali Miles members will have the option to purchase Kairali Miles to top up for their redemptions. Miles once purchased cannot be refunded.
28 This purchase will be limited to 10,000 Kairali Miles per member, per 12 months.
29 A purchase fee of Rs. 2.00 per Kairali Mile will be charged for Kairali Miles purchased. The minimum number of Kairali Miles that can be purchased in a single transaction is 500.
30 Purchased Kairali Miles have an expiry date of 36 months from the date of purchase. Exceptions to this are Platinum members, whose Kairali Miles do not expire.