Plan Your Trip

1. Is there any mandatory information I need to provide while booking a ticket?

 It is absolutely essential to provide the Guest’s correct email address while making a booking. Kairali Airlines sends Mail alerts to this email address to inform of any changes in schedule. If your ticket is being booked by a travel agent, please ensure that your email address is entered instead of the agents. It is also essential to provide an alternate landline number, your mobile, and valid contact address while making a booking.

 2. Can I reserve my seat numbers?

The Guest may select a seat online, and seating will be assigned through such advance reservations; alternately, seating will be assigned at the airport check-in counter prior to boarding.

3. What types of bank cards do you accept for payments?

Kairali Airlines accepts all Amex,RuPay ,Visa and Master Cards for payments.

4. Can I book connecting flights through Kairali Airlines?

Yes, you can book connecting flights through Kairali Airlines. This can be done through our website as well as through our Call Centres or at the airport.

5. Can I block a ticket?

No. You cannot block a ticket.

6. Are my credit card and personal information protected when I book over the Internet?

The Kairali Airlines website is completely secure and is endorsed by VeriSign. All the confidential payment details of our Guests are encrypted and stored so as to ensure maximum security.

7. Do I get a receipt for the money I have paid for my ticket?

The email confirmation which you get at the time of booking is considered to be a valid receipt for the payment made. No separate receipt is issued.

8. What if while making the payment for the ticket, my card gets debited and the internet connection disconnects before generating the ticket number?

In such a case please contact our 24 x 7 Call Centre with complete details pertaining to your travel. In case the Ticket Number has been generated, the Call Centre will inform you of the same and you can travel on that Ticket Number. However, if the Ticket Number has not been generated the debited amount will roll back to your credit card within 14 working days time.

9. How do I get my ticket, if I have not printed it out during booking but have the ticket number, When do I receive the ticket for the flight which I have booked?

Kairali Airlines tickets can be collected from the airport reservation counter against valid Ticket Numbers and a valid photo identity card for verification. After collection of the ticket, all Guests have to proceed to the check-in counter. Kairali Airlines issues only e-tickets instead of conventional tickets which are booked online at all points of purchase. These e-tickets once booked online can be printed on a normal A4 paper and produced at the airport counter along with a valid photo identity card. When a booking is made, a ticket number for each ticket is generated which is the unique identification for the ticket. The Guest will also receive an email if a valid email address had been provided at the time of booking. This email will contain a link where the Guest can print out the e-ticket.

10. What do I do if I need to book a large number of tickets, say for 30 guests?

Bookings for more than 6 Guests can be made through our special Group Booking facility. In case you wish to book tickets for a group, you may write to Please visit our Group Travel section of Kairali airlines for more details. 

11. Is there a concessional fare for senior citizens, students, armed forces etc?

Yes, Kairali Airlines has concessional pricing for senior citizens and students. Please visit our Travel Assistance section at  for more details.

12. How do I pay for my ticket?

For bookings made through the Call Centre, the payment has to be remitted by bank card. At Kairali Airlines Airport Ticketing Offices, payment can be made either via cash or by bank card. We accept credit / debit cards and offer net banking as well as for online bookings.